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Bunny Decorations and Tags

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I decided to skip the Valentine seasonal frenzy this year and head straight for Easter. Bunnies have long been a theme for me and I decided it was time to embrace the Easter season and get some themes ready well in time. I like to make pieces that have humour and a theme that has a life beyond a particular date .... so my first first introduction for this year is a collection of Bunny Tags.

These little fellas are made in porcelain white stoneware clay. Each is hand painted with slips and underglazes before being fired to 1225 degrees centigrade. Waxed cord in various colours is selected to compliment each bunny and can be used to hang the bunnies as pendants. These bunnies would look great as decorative items in a child's bedroom or as a quirky decoration around the home. Alternatively they make great gift tags. A simple gift of home made shortbread or truffles can be made extra special wrapped and decorated with one of these bunnies. Each one is sure to bring a smile to the face of the receiver!

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