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About Vine Haugh


Vine lives in a rural setting with rolling fields and the glint of Lough Neagh forming perfect views around her home. 



The garden and surrounding countryside is a constant source of inspiration. It intrigues and amuses me how nature can defy the human hand when it comes to combining shapes and colours that are always perfect!


The small ceramics studio is a cave of colour, a pandoras box of test pieces, explorations in clay and experiments .

My Process

I tend to play a lot with clay and make many pieces that never progress beyond that fun stage of exploring ideas. I love to have these pieces around me and in their own way each provides a source of inspiration.
All my work is hand built and hand painted using stoneware clays and mainly decorated using coloured slips. Porcelain paper clay is a wonderful and very forgiving clay  which I use to create the ever popular trees that bring a pop of colour to so many homes.
Paperclay slip is used to create my most recent body of work. It can be brought ready made or sometimes I make it using a ming porcelain clay to create a slip with paper pulp added. Careful consideration of colour, shape and space inform the imagery that emerges on sheets of clay. These are then cut and formed into the final stemmed vessels.
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